The following terms and conditions will apply to Advanced Replacement Service (“ARS”) provided in conjunction with any services offered under GW Security Limited Warranty for certain GW Security devices (“GW Device”).ARS is included at no additional charge for GW Device in the following market: 50 United States + District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. If your device qualifies under ARS, GW Security will ship a replacement device (“Advanced Replacement Device”) to your designated location when you request covered warranty services. You must return the original device to GW Security within fourteen (14) days from the date GW Security ships the Advanced Replacement Device (“Return Period”).

When you elect to add AES to your request for covered warranty services, you AGREE to the following terms:

  1. Your GW Device will not qualify for ARS if the Device is damaged and/or is not covered under the Standard Warranty Terms
  2. The Advanced Replacement Device will be shipped to you and a label will be emailed to you
  3. You must use the prepaid shipping label to return the GW Device for which you received an Advanced Replacement Device and are requesting warranty service. You will need to return your original GW Device in the same box within 14 days from the date GW Security ships you the Advanced Replacement Device.
  4. To guarantee that the original GW Device is returned, GW Security may request that you provide us with a valid credit card number. In such a case, YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED if you return the original GW Device 14 days from the date GW Security ships you the Advanced Exchange Device. You will be liable for the cost of the Advanced Replacement Device and a handling fee equal to the current MSRP of the Advanced Replacement Device, if: (1) GW Security does not receive the original GW Device back within 14 days from the date GW Security ships you the Advanced Replacement Device as indicated by the carrier’s tracking system; (2) the GW Device is not under warranty; and/or (3) the GW Device is excluded from warranty or service. If GW Security has asked you for your credit card number, YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE CHARGED FOR SUCH AMOUNTS AUTOMATICALLY.